Fly High Aerial Yoga 

S A T S A N G Yoga Sanctuary
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Fly High Yoga

is an aerial or anti-gravity yoga, it has evolved from a classic Iyengar Yoga Kuruntha practice.

Kuruntha means puppet or puppet on a string in a South Indian language. There are a variety of styles of aerial yoga, some use hammocks reminiscent of circus silks and others use ropes or belts.

               At Satsang we use Fly High Yoga belts which have been developed by Jose Luis Jimenez.           The beauty of the FHY belts is their simplicity, they are much more versatile and less cumbersome than other belts and aerial yoga equipment. They can be attached to any secure chin up bar, secure hooks, eyelets or a tree branch. 

The fly high practice places a strong emphasis on anatomical alignment and stability.

This is a catalyst practice, it brings a variety of benefits very quickly - you will see and feel improvements in strength, balance,  stability, agility as well as  spinal and joint decompression.

Kuruntha Classes

At Satsang Kuruntha classes we use Fly High Aerial Yoga belts suspended above the mats. These classes reaffirm the basic aerial foundations and mostly follow  grounded variations of aerial postures. Often a hand or foot is connected to the ground. It is a an effective way to gain confidence and improve skills and transitions for aerial and other practices. 

Your safety is important,

you must complete an Intro to Aerial Yoga Safety course and display competency in entering and dismounting foundation postures before joining a group Aerial Yoga class. Some people need to repeat the Intro to Aerial Yoga safety course more than once.


You may attend the Tuesday 5.30pm Aerial Yoga class once or twice as a casual without completing a safety course to see if Aerial is for you.

Bookings are essential for all Aerial classes as class numbers are  limited.

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