Yoga is a way of living in the world. Not limiting to only the postures, breath practices and chanting some people associate with Yoga, but using the yogic lesson to come back to our authentic selves.
The word 'Yoga' relates to union - being connected to every part of us in each moment.
The word 'HATHA' means sun moon. 
Hatha Yoga refers to the uniting and harmonising of opposing currents or forces in us as in the rest of the universe to bring inner peace and balance.                              Patanjali's  8 Limbs of Yoga
- yamas  develop ethical precepts (pertaining to others)
- niyamas develop a good attitude (pertaining to self)
- asanas       postures
-pranayama breath regulation
-pratyahara  regulation of the senses
dharana      focus, concentration
dhyana        meditation
- samadhi     non dual awareness - oneness
These practices guide us  to a state of yoga, a connectedness to ourselves, to others, to the everything, creating a sense of harmony in all aspects of our personal being, eventually leading to  that uniting of our individual consciousness with a greater universal consciousness.  Traditionally this is the purpose of the yogic path. 
Hatha yoga classes practice in a gentle manner to bring about a sense of wellbeing. (Suitable for all abilities including beginners)