Mobilising the Body with Awareness through Movement. 
This is a system of practice and exploration which  is designed to support the body so that chronic tensions patterns ease to enable freer movement.  It is not exercise as such. Movements, sequences and practices have been gleaned from a variety of traditions.These include Mezieres method, Feldenkreis, Alexander and others. The movements are performed fully clothed (but without shoes) .


Mindful Movement sessions are offered in a short weekend workshop format every term.
What to expect?
A session can start with a relaxation lying on the floor, allowing the body to settle.  The participants might then be asked to stand up and be guided to explore the sole of one foot using a small ball.  After this, the two sides of the body are compared.  The class continues with movements which in turn bring attention to various body areas and an opportunity to release strain throughout the body. At the end of the class the body feels as if it is reset and renewed. Mindful Movement helps to reduce chronic tension patterns and restore balance. 
Wear comfortable clothing and layers.  Movements are performed standing, sitting, laying down and sometimes using sticks,  balls, straps and chairs.